My name is Jay Haaland and I am a 24 year veteran of radio, and produce the radio show Country Legends Jukebox every Sunday. The show features classic country hits I have grown up with and love.

I entered this world on May 5th, 1964 in Britton, SD. During my childhood I attended school in Britton and Veblen, SD, and Campbell-Tintah High School in Campbell, MN. I also attended school in Langford, SD, where I SUPPOSEDLY graduated in 1982. I’ve never had the courage to open my diploma to see if it’s signed. Kidding. While in high school I would watch my Langford Lions girls basketball team play the Roslyn Vikings. On the Vikings team was a girl that made my heart beat faster. Love at first sight as they say. Years later I was in the Frontier Lounge in Pierpont, SD, and so was Jeannie, the girl from the basketball team. A mutual friend of mine said that Jeannie wanted me to ask her out. I did. And over 30 years later we’re still cruising together. This marriage has brought us the two greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Our sons Tyler and Mitchell are extremely handsome, and tremendously gifted young men. I also spent over 25 years in radio in Eden, SD, Lisbon, ND, Pelican Rapids, MN, and finally Aberdeen, SD. All of these years of radio have groomed me for my dream. This show. Country Legends Jukebox.